Our Approach

Outreach Egypt works to serve its partners, customers and beneficiaries within a unified framework based on the following:

  • Partnering with individuals, NGOs, civil societies, public and private sectors, whereas partnership helps identifying opportunities, stimulating ideas, coming-up with alternatives, and providing integration. The firm’s role is to find solutions and mobilize support through advocacy, hands on technical assistance, and sharing information.
  • Forming core business partnerships and collaborating with relevant entities to implement programs targeting beneficiaries directly as well as their communities.
  • Investing in small and medium businesses to create an impact through opportunities that will empower people and communities, and create added values for all parties
  • Fostering entrepreneurship, contributing to economic growth, promoting environmental standards and improving social behavior.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of Outreach Egypt’s implemented projects and services by building the capacity of beneficiaries and partners.