About Us

The idea of establishing Outreach Egypt evolved from the interest of the founders in small and medium organizations' institutional development, sustainability of development projects, preserving Egyptian cultural heritage, enhancing local Egyptian industries, and reaching out to underserved communities. It was obvious to the founders that "partnership" will be the adopted methodology that will evolve in future to build up the required company profile and achieve the company's main objectives to invest in small and medium businesses for sustainable development, maximize economic and social impact and at the same time provide profitable opportunities. But to complete the founder's vision and benefit form the management experience in communication, consultancy was embedded in the company's business plan as the backbone of the corporate identity to transfer the communication knowledge and skills to other entities/organizations to be effectively replicated according to their own vision to achieve the maximum impact required.


The founders of Outreach Egypt are also the management team, who worked together for several years as communication, public awareness and outreach team for different projects funded by donor agencies. Each member was responsible of a communication position that allowed the whole team to operate as a unit/component to design and implement different awareness campaigns and outreach activities all over Egypt.


During these years, the team established an attractive image in delivering all types of communication in simple packages to gain the trust of their stakeholders and beneficiaries to achieve the main objectives of any project, with respect to the target groups' culture and technical know how. Outreach Egypt founders managed to reflect how team efforts, when combined, provide the best communication approach and reach out to different target groups in the most appropriate way.